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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Simple Life (Tao jie) 2011

If anyone asked me what exactly a “BEAUTIFUL” movie is, I have just the answer for them. A simple story of what unfolds when a maid, for 60years to a family, decides to retire into an old age home. She has taken care of generations in this family. The love & gratitude by everyone towards her for that seems more than justified.

There is an instant connection to both the lead characters and I loved them in no time, it was like a story about someone I knew, which isn't far from the reality for anyone I guess. We all had/have a person in our lives who has spoilt us taking such good care growing up and towards whom we have an undying gratitude for it. The choices these characters make seem so unreelistic, so grounded & difficult that you almost forget it’s a movie.

The intent and presentation is so so honest, I doubt anyone could go untouched by it. It’s one of those rare gems that come and go without much hoopla and when you watch it years later by accident you wonder "How come I never heard of this one?". If you are in Chicago it’s playing at a modest, old school, single screen theatre called "FacetsCinematheque", it’s worth watching it there if you ask me. It’s a wonderful movie with an amazing story. It’s a BEAUTIFUL movie.