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Monday, August 29, 2011

Final destination 5 - Same old BS!

      Every time a Final destination movie releases, it divides the audience into 2 groups - the ones who don't mind watching newer ways of getting killed and others who don't!

I skipped watching FD 4 because I knew that it would be same old shit and wouldn't really excite me as an audience. I wasn't wrong in that, based on what I heard from my friends.

FD 5 gets unwrapped in the similar structure as the earlier movies. A group of co-workers set out on an outing in a bus. They have to pass through a bridge that is under construction. A central character gets a premonition about a tragedy on that bridge and he then saves the lives of his colleagues from it.

Death now has to strike back and take lives of these people and it does it in its own style by coming up with hilarious ways of killing them.

Same old shit!

3D effects were average and were too desperate. Not the best effort, I must say. The plot was as thin as it could ever be and nothing new was offered.

I still can't figure it out as to what made me watch FD 5 in theatre. Was it the trailer ? 3D ? a hope that it would be better this time ? Don't know! I'll just stop thinking about it.

All in all, a movie worth watching if one is a fan of the franchisee. A definite miss otherwise!

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