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Saturday, April 2, 2011

FALTU - Movie Review

I feel that one thing is very important when you enter a movie hall to spend the following few hours in a big dark room staring the big screen. Do not go in with huge expectations every time. Better if there are no expectations at all. More often than not it’s difficult to get into that mindset but if you do then be sure of not cribbing a hell lot about the movie later.

All that prelude was to tell about this movie that I watched, FALTU. Its now an old joke  that the movie was named based on the quality of its content and the seriousness of its appeal to the audience.

The first time I saw FALTU’s trailer , I was reminded of the movie ‘Accepted’(Trailer) starring Justin Long. The theme seemed similar and so did all the histrionics. But then, I was waiting for the movie to be released so that I could see if my doubts were true. Meanwhile, this happened .Well, it is one thing to get inspired and act as if one wasn’t even aware of the original. But, it’s an unashamed act to argue that the movies are totally different! Duh!

Anyways, let me now tell you how good was this movie that according to its makers is totally different from a certain Hollywood project. FALTU adds to ‘Accepted’ all the Indian flavour necessary and though it doesn’t come out with flying colours, it doesn’t totally let you down either.

The story revolves around a group of friends who get rejected by all colleges due to their low marks and then a series of events make them run a university of their own. Story then moves on to all the problems they face before culminating into a happy happy ending.

The movie has a fair share of good and bad things about it. So, what are the few things that go in favour ? Good music, fresh cast and a new story(though not original[I know it’s the 100th time I touched that aspect]). Couple of songs had already caught up well among audience and may just bring in the herds for the same but expecting more stuff around these songs. The songs are indeed impressive , especially ‘Char baj gaye’ and ’Fully Faltu’.

Jacky Bhagnani gives a decent performance in the lead role but can still brush up his acting skills as he could go a long way in this business. Puja Gupta(gorgeous!!) and Angad Bedi mark their debut and do a fair job in whatever little they get to do. But, the best of the lot has to be Chandan Roy Sanyal(he played Mikhail in Kaminey) who is here to stay. His dialogue delivery and acting is top notch. We would be more than waiting to see his future work. The supporting cast of Arshad Warsi and Riteish Deshmukh are at normal best and no complaints there. Darshan Jariwala is first rate and rest of the cast does a good job too.

The movie could have done away with 15-20 minutes of stuff that gives the narration a saggy feel. Humour is good only in patches and more effort could have been put into dialogues that seem jaded for a majority of post interval portion. Many people may find the whole concept of the movie unconvincing but then the movie doesn’t go over the top trying to be ‘preachy’.

Post Interval, I was wondering as to where was Remo’s master choreographer contribution in this movie. There had to be stuff that tells the audience why he is regarded as one of the best choreographers in hindi movie industry. And then came the best bit in the movie at the very end. It’s a UV light dance performance that really catches your attention. I last saw this dance form on India’s got talent and was totally smitten by it. This sequence in the movie is a clever replacement of what could have been a long boring speech by the lead actor and Remo scores points for this.

Remo makes a confident debut as a director and hits neither of the extremities in quality. Undernourished script doesn’t help his cause. He should next choose a better script and the audience will be more than willing to testify.

All in all, FALTU is worth a watch if you have no great expectations!

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